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Shazam APK: Oh!…Is it a new song or any song that I never heard? You might have thought like this, Right? Yeah, it happens with many of us. Then we will try to know about that particular song. At last, we will identify the song, and sometimes we may fail to know it. So, to help you out we provide the most popular and amazing app called, Shazam Music Downloader. You can easily download and install Shazam APK on your Android Mobile. 

Shazam APK

With this Shazam APK, you can easily identify any new song and also listen to the songs that are playing on TV, Radio, or any other music media. Hence, Shazam is playing a major role in all Music apps. It is also possible to download Shazam APK on Computers, Tablets, etc., on any device. So, install Shazam latest version for free and start enjoying by listening to your favorite songs.

Shazam – Discover Music APK Download for Android

Shazam is the world’s best Music App for Android devices. This application is used by more than millions of people. With Shazam, anyone can know the latest songs that are released and followed by everyone. Moreover, the app is free of cost to download, and songs are also free.

Shazam APK

You can know about the song details like Lyrics, Singer, Music Director, etc. And you can also follow top artists like Adele, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, etc., on this amazing app Shazam.


  • This application can recognize any song in a few seconds even there is any loud or background noise.
  • When compare with other music apps, there are only a few mistakes.
  • You can also share the newly discovered music files through any social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Emails, etc.
  • There are also links that allow you to buy recognized songs or the songs that are like most.
  • It also suggests other music based on your interest and discoveries.
  • Moreover, you can also know the songs that are trending around you.


There is instability in some of the versions of Shazam APK.

How to Download Music From Shazam APK for Android

The process of downloading any MP3 or Video Music from Shazam is so simple to follow. You no need to go for the paid contents by this app. Before going to downloading steps, make sure that you have downloaded and installed the Shazam APK on your Android device. Else you can also download it from the below provided link.

Click hereShazam APK Download

Shazam APK

Please follow these instructions to get your favorite music on your device with Shazam Application.


  • 1). First, open the Shazam Music Downloader on your mobile.
  • 2). Then listen to the music that you want to download. You can also download the songs from your history from My Shazam list.
  • 3).  Now tap on the music which you want to download.
  • 4). Next, tap on Share icon which is next to Bluetooth icon.
  • 5). Just scroll down the page and select ShazaMusic from the given list.
  • 6). So, now choose your content and download from the list.
  • 7). Moreover, you can find various contents that are related to your search items like MP3, Official Video songs, lyrics, Live Music, etc.
  • 8). Finally, click on the Download icon.

Shazam Encore APK

Music is something, you feel like Magic. To enjoy the latest music on your device, now you can get an app, Shazam Encore. It will provide all new and trending music all over the world. The app is available in all languages. The special feature of Shazam Encore APK is, it will allow you to listen to any music media like Radio, TV, open music in Public places on your device. You n need to pay any amount to listen to songs over this app. The only thing you need to do is download and install the Shazam Encore APk on your device. 

Shazam Encore APK

Moreover, some key features are not present in any other music app like in Shazam Encore. Once you download and start using the app, you will understand it. But, before installing, you can have a look at the features supported by it in this article itself. There is also downloading link for Shazam Encore APK available in the last section. Just click on the link to download on your device. And also you can share this information with your friends on social media like WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and many more. 

Check Out:

 Latest Key Features of Shazam Encore APK

Here are the latest features that are supported by the Shazam Encore APK for your device. With these features, you can understand whether this app is useful or not. If you are satisfied, then you can go to the next section where you find the link to download APK of Shazam Encore for free. The steps are also so simple to follow. Even you can suggest your friends download this Shazam encore.

Shazam Encore APK


  • You can discover any unknown songs, lyrics, soundtracks easily.
  • With this Shazam Encore APK, you can know what your friends are shazaming when you connect with your Facebook account.
  • You can also enjoy Youtube videos.
  • There is a special feature for you to ask the Google App to Shazam for you by OK Google, Shazam this Song.
  • You can also purchase Shazamed songs from Google Play Music.
  • It also recommends you to listen to latest songs.
  • There are also links to search for Google Play and Amazon Stores.
  • Moreover, you can also share new songs on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Download and Install Shazam Encore APK for Free

As the APK file of Shazam Encore is difficult to find and download, we provide the link to download. And the steps for installing Shazam Encore on your device. So, let’s check them out in detail below. 

Shazam Encore APK

Download APK File of Shazam Encore

Instructions To Follow:

  • Step 1: First, download the APK file of Shazam Encore from above link.
  • In Step 2: Next, open the file and click on Install.
  • Step 3: Once, the app is installed on your device, you can accept all on-screen instructions.
  • In Step 4: Then you can start listening to your favorite music through Shazam Encore.

Shazam for PC

Hey…You the Music Lover!!… Here is the wonderful application for your PC to download for free. That is Shazam for PC app which helps you to identify the name of a particular song on any music devices. Therefore, you can listen to any song on any media without downloading any song. Moreover, with this Shazam for PC application will help you to remove the limit of using a number of apps to watch HD streaming lyrics or videos etc. Even the app helps in recognizing the details of the songs.

Shazam for PC

Moreover, the app helps the users to know the unknown tracks also. It is used by more than millions of people around the world. It has become the wonderful app to identify the lyrics of an unknown track instantly. Therefore, the music lovers can explore more about this Shazam Application in the next sections. We have also provided the features and supported devices for the Shazam for PC. So, through this app, you can listen to different songs every day through any online or any other external devices.

What is Shazam – Features of Shazam for Windows PC

Shazam App is the most amazing app which pulls the information about any songs. So, you can eliminate the songs that are lagging in the details from now on with this application. Moreover, you can also identify the title and artist of a particular song from your collections. It also gives the other details like the length of the track, genre, recording studio, etc. 

Shazam for PC

Hence, with this application, you can know the complete track info and also can arrange the songs with the playlists based on the mood. Because of the mood swings for everyone that we will be happy for some time then sad, anger, etc., so that based on your mood, you can play the song. This Shazam for PC will capture songs that you hear from any media source and helps in sorting out them based on your requirements. And also this application is available for the Android and iOS mobile devices for free. The specialty of the Shazam is that it will automatically sync the songs and displays them with the details on the screen. 

System Requirements  for  Shazam for PC

To use Shazam for PC, you need to download and install any Android Software Emulator like BlueStacks. So, BlueStyacks is available for free to download on any PC. You need to have a graphics card with minimum 2GB RAM. 

How to Download and Install Shazam for Windows PC

Here are the simple and easy steps to follow to download and install Shazam for PC. You can go in a step-by-step manner to follow the steps. So, let’s check out them in detail. 

Shazam for PC

Steps to Download and Install:

  • 1.  As we told earlier, you need to install BlueStacks on your PC and restart the device. 
  • 2. Once, BlueStacks is installed successfully, open it and search for the Shazam app in it.
  • 3. Check the icon of the Shazam and click on install option. 
  • 4. After installing Shazam on your PC,  again you need to restart your device. 
  • 5. Then open Shazam on PC and start listening to songs of unknown tracks from any media like TV, Radio, etc. 
  • So, guys, we hope you will enjoy using this app on your mobile or laptop. In case if you face any problem regarding downloading or installation of this app, please share your query in the comment section.

Hence, the downloading and installation process is finished, you can listen to any songs from this application. Moreover, you can also suggest your friends use this app if you like it. So, please do comment on your queries.

Shazam APK Download