Download Shazam for Mac OS – Guide To Install Shazam on Mac

Shazam for Mac: You may think that why Shazam is only available for Windows or Android or ios device. No, Shazam is also available for Macbook.As it works on other devices, it also works same on Mac. Hence, you can download Shazam for Mac without any issue. There are versions available in this application to download on your device. Therefore, you can choose the version and download. Moreover, you can also share this app with your friends by sending APK file of Shazam. You can enjoy same as on your mobile with this app on Macbook Pro. Even you can listen to the songs from other devices on the device. Hence, you no need to search for any playlists to play.

Shazam for Mac

Even you can create your playlists of songs, videos, etc. There are many special features in it to use on any mobile or laptop. So, we provide a list of pros and cons of Shazam for Macbook in the below section. Moreover, we have also given the download link for APK file to install Shazam on Mac for free. So, go through the article and download Shazam for Mac.

What is Shazam for Mac – Pros & Cons of Shazam 

Shazam is a music which is mainly available for Android and iOS devices. But it is also available on Mac on Windows. So, you can also listen to any sons on your Macbook Pro or Air. You can find a number of songs in it and easily download or play on your device for free. Even you can listen to the songs that are playing on any music device other than your Mac. It means this application can recognize any song on any device and can play on your device for free.

Shazam for Mac

Moreover, it can also provide instant access to lyrics and more tracks of any artist of your favorite list. This Shazam for Mac takes music to a very new high level where you will get clear sound even there are any background disturbances.


  • It has a huge collection of music.
  • Using on your device is simple.
  • There will be a history of listened or played or searches songs.


  • The only defect of this application is, it cannot recognize every song.

Shazam For Mac – How to Download

To download Shazam on Mac, first, you need to download BlueStacks or any other Emulator on your Mac. Then you can easily install Shazam for Mac in a simple process. Therefore, download BlueStacks on Macbook.

Shazam for Mac

Shazam APK for Mac

Steps to Install Shazam:

1. Once, the download of BlueStacks is completed, you can click on the above link to download APK file for Shazam.

2. Just click on that link and Shazam will be downloaded on Mac.

3. Then open the Shazam APK file on Mac and click on install.

4. After the installation process, you can start listening to any song that you want.


Hence, you have gone through the article, and then you are ready to install Shazam on your Mac or Windows on any device. Since this app is freely available, you can check it is working properly or is it useful to you.

Click Here to Download Shazam on Mac

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