How to Use Shazam Online for Free on Any Device

Shazam Online: Here is the most trending and wanted app among all the music apps is Shazam. It is almost crossed the leadboard of the music apps. Are you confused about What is Shazam? Don’t worry we will explain to you what is Shazam App and How to use Shazam Online. So, guys, Shazam is a music tool by which you can listen to the songs that are playing on any music sources like TV, Radio, Open Audio Music in public places, etc. The specialty of this Shazam Online is that you can easily recognize any unknown track easily.

Shazam Online

Moreover, the app is available for all the iOS and Android Devices. Even you can download and install the app on your PC’s like Windows, Mac, etc. You can listen to any song by this Shazam Online. Therefore, if you want any further information about this app, you can go to the below sections and have a look.

What is Shazam and Uses of Shazam Online

As we already the Shazam app is the trendy one, it suits all mobiles, tablets, computers. It also beats the music apps like Beats, Spotify, iTunes, etc., with its outstanding features. Though the app is a music app, it is something different from all. It will not distinguish itself by providing any slight different way to experience music. The app will integrate the music which is already present on your device and gives you the ambient music. Moreover, the app applies to the Windows Phone. Shazam Online

In addition, if you are not able to listen to any songs from your mobile, then you can use this app and listen to any music that is playing on any nearby music devices. Moreover, the app helps in identifying the unknown tracks with ease. Therefore, you can know all the latest and trendy songs that are played all over the world. You can share the app over the other devices quickly without any trouble. Hence, you can go further to get the detailed information.


  • It can store a large database of music.
  • It is simple to use.
  • There will be a history of songs that you have searched.
  • The social aspect of the app is well integrated.


  • The only disadvantage of this app is that it cannot recognize every song.

How Does Shazam Online Work – How to Use Shazam Online

After reading the pros and cons of Shazam app, you know whether to use it on your device or not. If you are ready to use the app, then you can go through the below steps. Shazam Online

Step 1: Once you download the app from the official website, you can open the app.

In Step 2: There will be S symbol in the middle of the screen. Press on it where you will be able to hear the music from any of the media devices.

Step 3: Then the app will try to identify the details of the song which is playing in the background.

In Step 4: To hear more clearly from the app, you need to be present more closely to the music source.

Step 5: Moreover, if there are no background disturbances you can hear clearly.

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